Covering Segregation

Resources for Reporters

Resources for Reporters

To: Political Reporters

From: John Mcdonald

Re: Resources on Segregation

The comments of Kamala Harris at last week’s DNC presidential primary debate appear to have placed the issue of segregation front and center in the campaign to be the Democratic presidential nominee. Segregation is increasing in every region of the nation, and it will be interesting to learn what candidates are willing to do to address the issue as the campaign moves forward.

If you need information or comment about segregation, the following are expert resources that can be of assistance.  

The Civil Rights Project at UCLA

Co- Director – Gary Orfield –

Assistant: Laurie Russman  –

The Civil Rights Project has done extensive research on segregation in schools in states and regions across the U.S. Be sure to see their recent research detailing increasing levels of segregation 65 years after the Brown v Board of Education Ruling.

Center for Education and Civil Rights at Penn State

Erica Frankenberg – Co-founder and Director –

CECR partnered with UCLA CRP on the recent report looking at segregation 65 years after Brown.  Erica is also  the co-author of School Integration Matters: Research-Based Strategies to Advance Equity (with Megan Hopkins).

Roslyn Arlin Mickelson, Ph.D.
Chancellor’s Professor

Professor of Sociology, Public Policy, & Women and Gender Studies
Chair, Sociology of Education Section, American Sociological Association
Department of Sociology
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Professor Mickelson has done extensive research on segregation, including the impact of the expansion of charter schools in North Carolina

Please let me know If I can be of additional assistance