UCLA IDEA to release new national survey examining impact of key social issues on High Schools in the Age of Trump

Political Incivility, untrustworthy information test schools.

News Advisory: Contact: John McDonald

The UCLA Institute for Democracy, Education and Access will release the results of Schools and Society in the Age of Trump, a nationally representative survey of high school principals, Wednesday, March 13, 2019. The survey examines how a broad set of social issues at the forefront of the Trump presidency are felt and affect students and educators within America’s high schools.

The survey finds significant political division and racial tension in American high schools. The tense and divided school environment is made more complicated by the flow of untrustworthy information and omnipresent use of social media. The survey also makes clear that opioid abuse, and concerns over immigration and gun violence are also taking a toll on schools and students.

The survey findings are based on a nationally representative online survey of 505 high school principals conducted by the UCLA Institute for Democracy, Education and Access in the summer of 2018, as well as follow up interviews with a representative group of principals.

The results of Schools and Society in the Age of Trump will be published on Wednesday, March 13, 2019. Advance, embargoed materials summarizing the survey findings are available to interested journalists on Wednesday, March 6, 2019. The full report will be available Friday, March 8. All materials are embargoed for broadcast and publication at 12:00 a.m., Wednesday, March 13. UCLA Professor John Rogers is available to discuss the survey findings. To receive a copy of the materials or arrange an interview, please contact John McDonald at jmcdonald@gseis.ucla.edu